Psyche is a collective of three psychotherapists: Beth Bernstein, MFT; Zosie Calame, LCSW (fka Christy Calame); and Matilda St. John, MFT, united to provide harm reduction-informed, feminist psychotherapy to people who have too often felt misunderstood or pathologized. This includes diet survivors, queer and trans people of all stripes, sex workers, artists, fat people, people navigating bicultural realities, kink and/or poly-involved people and other sexual outsiders.

Zosie works with couples, trios and other relationship constructs, and draws on her Buddhist practice in all her work.

In addition to working with adults and couples, Matilda helps young people navigate the treacherous waters of teendom. She’s trained in EMDR to treat trauma and/or specific phobias.

Beth doesn’t work with couples but sees a wide array of individuals. She uses Brainspotting to treat trauma, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, parasomnias and anything else people bring to therapy.

Beth Bernstein (she/her), MFC38146
Zosie Calame (she/they), LCS18701
Matilda St. John (she/her), MFC37114